Warning Kitchy Alert: Photos May Possibly Be Too Exciting!

I have three amazing words for you-Precious.Moments.Museum. Remember those Precious Moments you received at Baptism (okay you wouldn’t remember that but maybe you still have as a keepsake), First Communion, or Confirmation? After a trip down Route 66 last year, I would have never known about this find until doing research. Missouri is the home to many things such as the first corn cob pipe factory (actually that is in my hometown), the invention of iced tea and waffle cones, and soybeans. I never knew it was the home of the famous Precious Moments Museum. Located in Carthage, MO is also an official Precious Moments hotel. You have to do this once in your life, who knew the rage was still there for these little “moments.” See pics below…hold your breathe this may get too kitchy for you!

Precious Moments as plant holders...only at the museum!

There Are Buildings Within Buildings


Life Size "Moments"

Entering the Precious Moments Chapel

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Look Close. Look Real Close. Small Finds in Small Towns.

When I started this blog I started it with the intention of a 30 day challenge. The 30 days no car is way over due. That, my friends, is why my blog is now changing names to Midwestern Quirks, Charms, and Finds. The focus of the blog will be on my finds on two wheels and two feet. I hope you enjoy the new layout.

The weather is back to being cool and with cool comes lots of riding. Lately I have been taking more to the trails as well as riding the streets. I went on a portion of a trail that I have never been on in Illinois. The trail is Tunnel Hill. Personally, I think the area near Tunnel Hill is the outdoor mecca of the midwest. The area has the Cache River which includes the Bald Cypress Tree. An area that is complete with swamps that you can canoe right through. Also, includes one of my favorite state parks, Fern Clyffe State Park. I could go on and on about the brown signs and abundance of nature in the area but I will stop at these.

The Tunnel Hill trail is similar to the Katy Trail except the Katy is better. Tunnel is about 40 or so miles and the Katy is over 275, soon to be like 300 plus. The base of the Tunnel is really tough to ride through, I felt like my calfs were a working on my hybrid.

The most amazing part about the trail is the tunnel, check it.

Other local Illinois finds that are best kept secrets of mine include Pickle Springs which is part of Hawn State Park. The trick to getting to Pickle is actually following Google Maps which is a change. You will most definitely think you are lost as you come across the scary areas of what may look like something directly out of Winter’s Bone. No worries, keep on trekking and you will get there. If you do, look at what you will see (formations like this)…

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A Piece of Bicycle History Inked In Me–The Boneshaker

For years I have wanted a tattoo. I had so many different ideas but none really made my heart pound out of my chest with passion. I knew it had to be cycling related because of what riding has done for me in the past year, mentally and physically. When I am on a bike, I am meditating and healing and feel more at peace than ever. I can stop and feel and breathe everything slower and easier. In such a fast paced world it reminds me to slow down. I feel environmentally conscious when I am on a bike as well. (okay, enough sap yo)

The story of the Boneshaker and my first encounter goes a little like this… Around two years ago at a festival in Rocheport (btw my favorite MO small town) I set my eye on her, the Boneshaker. I rode her and fell in love with the history of this bicycle. The idea to have it permanently etched into my body came to me in the past couple of months. I was so super nervous for my first tattoo but with the help of my friends tagging along, it was no issue. Ryan at Cheap Trx did an amazing job and I suggest going to him because he makes it come alive, see?

Lastly, want to see more Boneshakers in person? Take your bike on up to the Handlebar in south city, they have a few on display. Plus, they have amazing Missouri local brews on tap and a few bike racks inside to park your bike. What is next you ask? A STL backdrop behind the bike…live free friends…live free.

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My Feet Feel Best In My Straps-Thank You 80 Degree Weather

I am back in the saddle again. I have only ridden three times in the last two weeks. What has everyone been talking about? Hmm let’s see, the weather, you guessed it. It has been like over 100 in this place called Missouryyyy (as in Misery). Way too hot to ride and even too hot to do one solid back flip (ha).

I am starting a bike crew in which we are going to ride once a week. If you are interested at all please comment and let me know. It should be pretty rad. Also, come September I am going for another 30 days without a car. Get ready.

I rode around and around today like a little kid. I even popped wheelies I was so stoked for the 80 degree weather. I stopped and took some pictures in beautiful Tower Grove Park. I sat there and thought, damn, it feels good to be alive. I played with the shadows as you can see here. 

Here is another in which I just pointed my fancy camera down. When I say fancy what do I mean? I roll with a iPhone on my bike, heck yes sir.


I was happy to place my bike on the stone and pretend that I wasn’t in MO for a second. It kinda worked.


I totally dig the light in this image. 



Beyond the spokes I see…

I was trying to make this one look like a scary image.

Smiling is for suckers and self-portraits are for lovers.



Reflect Reflect Reflect. That is really all life is about these days.

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My Trail-Take Away the “IE” and Add a “Y”

Hi there. Long time no engage. I have read on many social media sites that letting your blog chill and go untouched is pretty lame. I am here to slap myself on the wrist for being lame. Because it has been at least two weeks before I have let my fingers run wild. As of late I have been riding more trails see example a.

I am sure most of you know about the good ‘ole Katy Trail. The trail runs about 237 miles across my state-the MO (represent). My boys Lewis and Clark took a lot of this path when they were out being explorers and doing their thing. Ready for the fun fact of the day, it is America’s longest rail to trail.

The exciting news is that another 70 something miles will be added to the trail when it is extended to Kansas City. Check out the article, this is outdated but the rumors say next year.

What trail tickles your fancy?

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“Cause I’m Back in the Saddle Again” (without shorts?)

Hmm what you say Willis? Yeah that’s right I rode on my nice saddle in my undies. Why you ask? Well why else? The Naked Bike Ride was this past Saturday in the STL. This was the first year that I have participated.

Okay, I admit-I have been one of those peeps creeping up and watching with my gigantic peeping tom lense (not really sickos). Here is the most creepy I got click if you want to be creepy and expand-CREEPER.

The story with the naked bike ride…you are asking yourself “why would people want to lay their balls on the bareness of a saddle? Wouldn’t that hurt?” Yes. Indeed. You know what else hurts? Getting hit by a car on your bike. The ride is super rad it allows cyclists to take over the streets with police escorts without having to fear for their tiny life. Also, there is that whole oil thing too. Have you heard about that crisis? Ha.

Before I end this post of all posts I have one final statement. It goes a little like this-I have a bikini line of mosquito bites. Hot.

I decorated my bike all fancy style. Isn’t she lovely?

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Found My Dream Ride

Hey friends, I have missed you. I am happy to be posting again, sorry I have been away biking and not being on a computer or technology. I actually just got back from Peddlers Jamboree, a couple days of drinking, biking, food, and music. SH-amazing.

Last week my buddy Emma and I rode to Big Shark Bicycle Company in U-City. I decided to use the fancy Google Map and using the specific bicycle route. Thank you Google for being awesome. Emma and I found a really rad pedestrian bridge thanks to you, check it out. I must admit I was pretty dizzed out of contrizzle when I looked down at those cars whizzing by. P to the S Saint Louis riders, this bridge is an amazing way to get to Forest Park from the South Side.

Once we strolled into Forest Park I took this pretty fancy video, titled Cruising Through the FP

I pretty much adore Forest Park and this was an amazing ride. Okay time to get deep-I feel like I am meditating when I am on a bike. I can sense that I look at the world in a much different light when I am on my two spoken wheels. As I was rolling on the spoken wheels I heard the sound of childhood days and my head poked up and my sniffer was on high. I sniffed until I found him, yep that’s right Mr. Awesome aka ice cream man.

How adorable is he? Emma went with the classic bomb pop and I got down with the fudge bar (um that sounded awkward). What happens next was almost too good to be true.

I found her. I found my dream girl. I am in hopes it is still there so I can make the purchase. What do you think of the Felt Curbside Fixed Bike?

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